Virtual Organizing

Virtual Work Sessions

Need some motivation? Procrastinating? Just looking for some company? This is a fun and effective way to work on a project.

We work in a virtual community of about 2-6 people, all working on their own project. Sessions are 2 hours long.

By joining us you have the motivation of the group and the accountability of a set time. I will answer questions and provide overall direction. You share what your project goals and successes are and learn from other’s questions and ideas.  It’s a great way to work on your organizing project!

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Here’s How It Works

It’s pretty easy to join a virtual session.

You need a device of some sort of a laptop/tablet/phone We all will join the Zoom session through a link I send.

Each person shares an organizing project they want to work on during the session.

We do set up (e.g. get our recycle, trash, donate bags) and I share a few tips and skills depending on what people are working on.

We all start our projects. You take your device with you so you can see and hear a bit what others are doing. You can turn off your video and audio if needed, although  it helps me follow how you are doing.

Periodically I will do a check-in, but you can ask questions anytime.

At the end, we all check in again and share how our projects went (the best part!)

Contact me if interested in joining us.

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