Residential Services

I work with people in the San Francisco Peninsula, providing Residential Professional Organizing Services. Daily life can be hard to keep up with. It seems we are all busy and when a change occurs it can be even harder to keep on top of life.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, guilty, frazzled, or unproductive when you walk into a room? No matter what the reason, I can help you restore order and calm to your home.

I will:
*Make a plan with you
*Help you work through the tough decisions
*Keep you motivated and focused through a session
*Help you make decisions that feel good, whether it’s about keeping or letting go of an item.
*Teach you skills and find a solution that works for you.
*Work at your pace
*Help you reach your goals!


Spare Rooms

Ever feel like your spare room is one big storage space? Whether it’s supposed to be an office, guest room, craft room, play room, or TV room I can help you give your spare room an identity and make sense of your space.



Kitchens are often the center of family life. Ever feel like too much happens here besides cooking? Mail, homework, messages, projects, pets, calendars, and computers to name a few. I can help you make it an area that works for you and your family.



Can you imagine knowing where everything is in your garage? You can find sleeping bags and Halloween decorations. You locate that treasure you’ve been looking for. You can, perhaps, even put the car in there! An organized garage lifts a huge weight from you.


kid's spaces

Keeping the house clean with children is not easy. Kids come with a lot of stuff. Toys, paper, books, electronics, clothes… Kids also love to have places for their things. Setting up systems and teaching your kids how to care for their things are skills that last a lifetime.



There is nothing more satisfying than opening your closet and saying ahhh instead of arrrgh! Whether it’s clothes, linens, games, equipment, or bathroom supplies, I can show you great ways to have functional closets and drawers.


Home Business

I work with a lot of people who run a household and manage a business from their home. I can help you sort out the kid’s artwork from the client files and make your home business truly into a ‘home’ and ‘business’.

Is It Time for a Tune Up?

Over time, life changes and needs change. Organizing systems need to change too. Kids grow, hobbies get started and stopped, you move, someone passes away, you start a new job, or things aren’t running as smoothly anymore as you’d like them to. That’s a good time to call for a tune up!

Research shows that:

  • Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40 per cent of housework in an average home. Eighty per cent of the clutter in most homes is a result of disorganization, not lack of space” (Ottawa Citizen, 1/04/03)
  • 25% of people with two-car garages don’t park any cars in there and 32% parked only one (US Department of Energy)

Service packages:

I offer packages in 6, 12 or 18 hours.  Breaking up work sessions into 3 hour time blocks seems to be the most productive for my clients. When we talk, we will determine what package makes the best sense for you. Packages can be customized to fit your specific needs. Most people find we get a lot accomplished in a surprisingly short time and learn organizing skills they can use over and over.  If you’d like a free initial phone consultation to see how I can help you get better organized and live the life you want, call me at 650.654.7827

Service Packages

'Get Me Started'
$ 540 6 Hour Package
'Smooth Sailing'
$ 1044 12 Hour Package
'I Want It All'
$ 1530 18 Hour Package