My Favorite (Organizing) Things

Below are some organizing solutions that I’ve found to be favorites with me and my clients. They typically are reusable as situations change and can be used in variety of ways.

If you are feeling musical, try singing along to the tune of ‘My Favorite Things’, from one of my favorite movies (or just read about them below).

Musical Version

“Adjustable Bookshelves that hold more than books.

Clear plastic bins and stick-on hooks.

Spring loaded dividers and timers with bings.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Magazine holders and pull-out stacking drawers.

Traveling plugs with USB ports galore.

Baskets in bookshelves and labeled things.

These are a few of my favorite things.

When the mess calls,

When your overwhelmed,

When your feeling bad.

I simply remember my shelf dividers,

And then I don’t feel so bad!”

Read about each one here:

1. Adjustable Bookshelves

Adjustable is the key. This makes them so versatile and easy to re-purpose.  Good for tall things, short things, in the office, kids room, garage, entry way,  shoe racks, office supplies, kids toys, music, books, displays….

2. Clear Bins

Easy to see what’s in them. They come in all sizes.  I look for ones that have straight insides (not sloped) because they hold things more easily.  Good for long term storage in the garage and outdoor spaces and they don’t degrade over time like cardboard boxes do.

3. Stick-On Hooks

I am just coming to fully appreciate how versatile these are. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and strengths. They are super for places where you can’t or don’t want to put a hole, like inside of a closet door, outside doors (to hang wreaths), office walls (instant coat rack), underneath a shelf, and other surfaces like showers (try the suction cup hooks) and metal. They really do come off too.

4. Spring Loaded Drawer Dividers

They come in sizes for dresser and kitchen drawers, they work for desk drawers as well. They are expandable and come in different configurations.  They are easily rearranged and use less space than drawer containers. Find some at:

Bed Bath N Beyond Drawer Divider

5. Timers

Timers are really helpful for those procrastination bouts or when you just need to keep on task till you hear that bing (and then you get a reward). They work for all ages and situations, like clean up time for kids, timed speaking at meetings, and writing.

6. Magazine Holders

They come in so many styles and colors.  They can be set forward, backwards, flat, upside down, on shelves, on the floor. They hold so many different things like sheet music, office supplies, cords, and of course, magazines. Find some at:

Stacks n Stacks Magazine Holder

7. Pull-Out Stacking Drawer Bins

Hate having to take down the pile of bins to get something out? Then you will love being able to keep the bins stacked and just pull out the drawer you want. These are usually sold as shoe bins, but they have so sizes and uses.

8. Travel Plug

Ever been stuck in an airport or in a hotel room with only one convenient plug? If so, then you will appreciate being able charge multiple phones and computers all from one outlet.

9. Baskets

Baskets are great for hiding things you don’t want to show. They come in a lot of colors and sizes, with and without lids and handles, they can be sleek and modern, rustic or anything in between. They can be put almost anywhere – on a counter, a shelf, on the floor, and wicker ones add a bit of natural material to your decor. Find seem at:

Stacks n Stacks Baskets

10. Labeled Things

A labeler is fun to have.  Once you see how helpful labels can be, you will be thrilled you have one. Labels can be used for everything from bins to photos, shelves,  and identifying ‘your’ scissors.  You can also use a sharpie and tape.  Not as pretty, but just as useful!

11. Shelf Dividers

An oldie but a goodie.  They are sometimes a little hard to find, but worth the effort.  I love these for linen closets and shelves above the clothes rod.  They make neat dividers without having to put things in a container. And, if you add a label, your set! They come in big and small sizes.  The big ones let you stack things higher.  Find some at:

Bed Bath n Beyond Shelf Divider.

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