Is Your To Do List Last On Your List?

Too Busy to Plan

Notes written here, scraps of paper there, forgotten appointments, up too late, not really enjoying the moment.  All of these, need I say it, are signs of doing too much.

Typically we know we can expect to be busier at year end. There are year end goals to meet, a push to get projects completed, the addition of holiday activities and often travel or hosting. If we know every year that we will be busier in December, why can we still become so overwhelmed?

We Abandon Our Productivity Systems

I find it interesting that sometimes we tend to abandon our productivity systems when we get busy.  We stop following or using our to do lists, managing our time, and setting priorities.

I think there are a few reasons why we tend to abandon our systems:

1. We don’t really believe our productivity systems will help us in times of stress.  It’s viewed as a luxury to plan and prioritize.

2. It seems easier to do whatever comes up first or seems most urgent rather than take the time and energy to figure out what’s best to do.

What Can You Do?

1. Go back to your productivity systems.

Consolidate your thoughts and lists.  Prioritize and delegate. Say no. Is there anyone to help with the project? What will happen if something doesn’t get done? Do you need to take a day off to just run errands?

2. Give yourself some downtime.

Be realistic of your time and energy levels. Identify what matters most and what can you reasonably do. Are you taking care of yourself (i.e. fun and exercise)?

3. Plan for next December.

Don’t schedule in anything you don’t have to.  Have as empty a calendar as possible. It will fill up!

If that that feeling of overwhelm does set in, it is a signal to stop and assess.  Keep your To Do list working for you! The things that help us have productive lives the rest of the year should be able to stand the up to the busy times.

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