Here you will find what other’s experiences have been like in working with me. My hope is that you will gain an understanding of what you will experience as we work together.


" I knew she had experience working with small businesses to increase productivity. Chris worked closely with me to map out all the various areas of my business that Ken, my new employee, would touch. What would be his role in each of these areas? What would he be responsible for? These are really important questions to consider that I likely wouldn’t have without Chris. So, we worked on this project together and I ended up with clarity and a very helpful diagram that I could use to meet with Ken and get him started successfully. I’m happy to say that Ken has worked out beautifully and I credit a lot of that to Chris. She’s a joy to work with and I would do so again".
Michael Neuendorff,
The Growth Coach, Burlingame
"Our organization recently hired Chris to organize our department processes and procedures. As we grew, it was more difficult to organize and streamline processes we once handled. It was time for help. Following our approximate 6 months, once a week visits, I was sleeping better at night. We now have organized, articulated documentation that clarifies processes and procedures for us. In addition, it will also aid as a training tool for future employees coming into our department. I would absolutely recommend Chris and appreciate the structure and peace of mind that she has brought to my department and organization".
Emily I. Sugars, Principal,
Director of Employee Benefits, Walsh Carter & Associates, San Francisco
"Christina is excellent. I’m fairly organized and when I was faced with my office being short-staffed, she helped me become more efficient so that my office became even more productive. I would highly recommend her!".
Marilyn Wong,
State Farm Insurance, San Mateo
Chris helps me on a regular basis with growing and organizing my business. I go into our meetings with my head a-twirl with so many ideas and responsibilities that seem overwhelming and come out with organized lists and a calendar of how to prioritize and tackle it all. I don’t know what I would do without her."
Maureen Karpan,
Music Teacher, Musician, San Jose
"Christina really got us motivated. She was patient and efficient and thoughtful with her suggestions. We really appreciated working with her."
Cynthia Sholes,
Mind Wave Institute, Redwood City
"Chris Stovall asked just the right questions, listened carefully, and set about helping me reorganize my home office step by step, making it possible for me to regain control of my paperwork and my life!"
Susan Cann,
Redwood City
"I hosted a presentation for Christina to mom-owned businesses recently. Just by simply listening to her presentation, I have increased my efficiency. She reminded me of simple things to keep my office organized. I would recommend attending one of her presentations or hiring her to see how she can make your office work for you."
Lisa Tandoc, Attorney,
Tandoc Law, San Mateo
"Christina is very thoughtful and strategic in her approach to challenges. She is great at building consensus and exploring the underlying issues. She has been a great leader for our chapter of the National Organization of Professional Organizers. It has been an honor to be on her team."
Helen Ingwersen, Vice President,
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-SFBA)


"We’ve hired Chis a few times and she is so great to work with. I desperately needed her help organizing my daughter’s room & kitchen at our old place. And then again organizing here at our new place when we moved. I was overwhelmed with boxes, stuff & papers. She made it a breeze and I never could have done it on my own. It was more than decluttering, it was getting a working system in each room. I loved that I had her to coach me through all of it. It’s hard to put into words how very helpful that coaching was. She also has really great ideas. Plus she made organizing fun! Thanks Chris!"
Kristin T.
"I was really impressed with the way you gave advice: It was very practical and you asked a lot of questions rather than just telling me what to do. It allayed the fear I had about parting with some of my precious junk, and thus the discarding actually felt good (I didnʼt expect this; I was afraid youʼd come in and just tell me to get rid of all my precious junk!). I was also impressed with how knowledgeable you are, and all the resources and information that you shared. You were also quick to identify and diagnose problems that I hadnʼt recognized. All in all, I think you did a great job, and Iʼm really happy with my garage! Thanks so much!"
San Mateo
"I still use and love my new system. It is easy to maintain and I have gained my kitchen counter back."
"You’re not only thoughtful and well-organized – a strategic thinker – but you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and do heavy lifting."
San Mateo
The way that I thought about organizing was that it has to be neat and tidy…I couldn’t figure out how come I couldn’t keep it up. She asked good questions and was good at pinpointing what I needed. Whether it is space in your home or some thoughts in your brain you need to declutter, I highly recommend Chris. She is able to ask the right questions to pinpoint what your issues are.
"You exceeded my expectations! We got way more accomplished than I thought we would. You are a joy!"
Helen R.
San Mateo