Chronically Disorganized Clients

Are you chronically disorganized? Are you not quite sure what this means but think it might be you?

You might be chronically disorganized if:

  • You  have struggled to ‘stay organized’ your whole life
  • You feel like you have a hard time being on time
  • You struggle with completing projects
  • You can’t quite stay on top of things

I work with chronically disorganized people in both their home and work settings.

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I Will Help You:

Deal with Overwhelm
Do you feel overwhelmed when looking at your pile of clutter? Not sure where to even start? Get paralyzed with ‘overwhelm’? This is a common feeling! I am great at seeing past the clutter to the possibilities.  I am a good listener.  I will help you figure out where and how to start.  What really matters. Then I will get us started.

Set up Systems
Do you feel you struggle with the same issues over and over? Can’t find your car keys? Can’t keep track of appointments? Never know where things are? Can’t seem to complete projects? I work with individuals to set up simple solutions that make life easier.

Be There With You
Do you need someone there to motivate you and work with you? I’m great at ‘being there’ with you.  Keeping you company, working with you, keeping us on track, and providing motivation while we work through a session.

Long Term
Most of my chronically disorganized clients have a long term relationship with me.  Keeping clutter under control, establishing systems, and identifying and learning skills that work for you is an ongoing process.

Not Sure?
Don’t think you are chronically disorganized but some of the items above sound like you? The Institute For Challenging Disorganization is a great resource for learning about chronic disorganization.  They have Fact Sheets that can help you determine if you fall in this category. I find that all of us tend to exhibit some of the chronically disorganized characteristics some of the time, and all of us seem to get overwhelmed by our clutter! Regardless of whether you ‘classify’ yourself as chronically disorganized or not, I can help.

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Ready to find out more? Call me at 650-654-7827 or Contact me.