How I Work

Here youʼll find what results my clients have reported and come to expect, what I expect from my clients, the philosophies and values that guide my work, and what is unique about my work.

What You Can Expect

When I come in to your office or home, you can expect me to listen and understand your situation and help you:

  • Clarify your vision for your time and space.
  • Understand how you can and want to spend your time.
  • See what function paper is serving in your business and how to manage it.
  • Learn how to keep track of activities and find the information you need, without digging through piles of paper.
  • Prioritize and identify those things that are most important to you to keep track of.
  • Tailor the experience to fit you.

I employ various methods to come up with the best possible solutions for you!

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What I Expect

To have the best possible results and experience, I expect someone to:

  • Be ready to make a change, to find a better way of doing things.
  • Be willing to change some habits.
  • Be committed to taking action to achieving a satisfying result.
  • Understand the value a professional brings.


You will have your goals met!  You can expect to:

  • Have systems and solutions that really work for you. The areas we work on will look better and function more smoothly.
  • Feel more calm and in control, whether itʼs at the office, at your computer, or at home. Everyone will know where their things and space are.  This allows working side by side to be a pleasure!
  • Understand how to think about change. Life changes, sometimes fast. Letting go and making room for new things are skills that can be learned.
  • Become more aware of how you think about and process information, thus becoming more productive and sustaining the changes we make.

My Philosophy and Values

I believe one of my responsibilities is to help clients understand, learn, and apply basic productivity and organizing skills. This allows you to adjust, fine tune and meet future challenges as they arise.

I believe in the power of voicing your vision. For a room, office, closet, life.


My clients tell me they like that I am so calm. I have years of experience listening to what people want and helping them turn that into a goal. I can get at the heart of what matters and find ways to make it happen.

How I Work

First, we have a free phone consultation to understand your situation and needs and make sure we are the right fit. We also determine the correct package size to meet your goals.
At the first appointment, we do an initial assessment, set expectations and goals. Then we get to work!

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