Business Document Writing

Most businesses I talk to understand the benefits of having good documentation. Actually producing it is often difficult though, whether due to lack of skills, time, or motivation.  I’ve been told writing sessions with me are pretty painless and people are thrilled to have that document in hand at the end!

Typical Document Writing Proces

Here’s what a typical document writing session with me looks like. Usually we meet for 1 1/2 hours once a week for 8-12 weeks.


Information Gathering

Usually all the subject matter expert has to do is show up and talk. I’ll ask the questions, take notes, and guide them through the process.  Sometimes we wander from topic to topic, one thought prompting other ideas. That’s ok-that’s what provides a lot of clarity. I write it all down and keep us on track. When we feel all the topics have been covered, we move to the next stage. 



After the information gathering sessions, we’ll go over the draft and refine the contents. We’ll fill in holes and clarify information. We’ll talk about potentially missing areas. Sometimes another subject matter expert will weigh in on certain areas or review it as well. Then I’ll work with the information so it is categorized and formatted consistently and that it’s all at the same ‘level’. Tables or diagrams are added as needed to make it user friendly and readable.



When all the information is settled, it’s formatted and put in a binder with tabs with your business logo on it. A digital copy is also available. Then it’s ready for implementation!

What Our Clients Say

“Getting processes and procedures in place is no small task. It takes a lot of time and focused energy. We all have our “jobs” and finding time to deviate from those jobs to tackle this project proved to be a big challenge. Hiring Chris put the ball in her court keep us motivated and moving in the right direction even when we were not in the mindset to get it done. Clearly we would not have accomplished our goal had we not engaged with Chris.

Having processes and procedures in place for the 3 functional areas that we worked on is a great foundation from which to build our business. Employees know exactly what is expected of them and there are no grey areas regarding workflow and responsibility.”

Dave Saisi, Principal

Walsh Carter & Associates, San Francisco