Binders: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Does your business have at least one binder? Most business want and need binders to easily access their information. A poorly put together binder is not an asset. But a well put together one is.

Ok, so the contents of a binder matters a lot. But, so does the binder itself.

People are much more likely to use something that looks good and functions well. Plus, there’s something satisfying about putting your hard work together in a binder. It makes it officially done and ready to use.

Here’s what makes a great binder:

1. Looks

Your binder(s) should look professional and appealing. Who wants to train someone from an unprofessional, ugly looking binder? You want it to make a good impression whether it’s on display or you are sharing it with a client.

2. Right Size

It’s annoying to have a binder that doesn’t fit where you need it.  For instance, I have a piano teacher client whose binders need to fit on the piano music holder. Size matters!

3. Great Tabs and Labels

Finding information quickly is key.  No one likes flipping through pages.  I like labeling tabs on both the front and back as well as labeling the front and spines of the binder. Make sure your tabs are visible and not hiding between pages.

4. Functional

It’s tempting to put too much in a binder. But, cramming it too full makes it unusable-sort of like a stuffed file cabinet. If you need to pull out pages or share sections, it’s helpful to have the pages laid out so you can take out just what is needed.

Latest Binder Trend 

Currently everyone wants their pages in page protectors.  And for lots of good reasons.  It’s easy to take pages in and out. There’s no need to punch holes. The pages last longer because they are protected, which also helps if you are taking them in and out or flipping around a lot.

Tip: It helps to use the page protectors with tabs built in. Otherwise regular page tabs get lost behind the longer page protectors.

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