I am passionate about helping people and businesses be their best. For the past 8 years I have enjoyed running my own business as a Business Productivity Consultant and Professional Organizer. I am truly a process person. Whether it is figuring out a business process or understanding how something works, that is what I do!  I believe we can change the world by understanding how things and people work together.

Years of experience spent organizing processes, and systems, and spaces has left me well-equipped to listen and understand client’s needs, preferences, and requirements, and to put those thoughts and plans into action. I have experience understanding and writing many kinds of documentation, including policies and procedures, understanding regulatory requirements, management culture, as well as the laboratory environment. I am fluent in work environments, documentation, and workflow needs.

Ongoing conference attendance and individual training keep me up on the latest techniques. I am good at figuring out what will make someone their most productive.

I have been organizing things my whole life, starting with a love of containers from a young age. A Biologist at heart (and a B.S. in Biology), I believe your surroundings and environment can help you feel and do your best. 

I am a past President of the National Association of Professionals Organizers, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NAPO-SFBA), one of the largest NAPO chapters in the world.

My Philosophy & Values

I believe one of my responsibilities is to help clients understand, learn, and apply basic productivity and organizing skills. This allows you to adjust, fine tune and meet future challenges as they arise.

I believe in the power of voicing your vision. For a room, office, closet, life.

My clients tell me they like that I am so calm. I have years of experience listening to what people want and helping them turn that into a goal. I can get at the heart of what matters and find ways to make it happen.

How I Work
First, we have a free phone consultation to understand your situation and needs and make sure we are the right fit. We also determine the correct package size to meet your goals.
At the first appointment, we do an initial assessment, set expectations and goals. Then we get to work!