Business Productivity & Organizing Consultant

Christina Stovall

My Philosophy & Values
I believe one of my responsibilities is to help clients understand, learn, and apply basic productivity and organizing skills. This allows you to adjust, fine-tune, and meet future challenges as they arise.

I believe in the power of voicing your vision. For a room, office, closet, life.

My clients tell me they like that I am so calm. I have years of experience listening to what people want and helping them turn that into a goal. I can get at the heart of what matters and find ways to make it happen.

How I Work
First, we have a free phone consultation to understand your situation and needs and make sure we are the right fit. We also determine the correct package size to meet your goals.

At the first appointment, we do an initial assessment, set expectations and goals. Then we get to work!


Do you feel you struggle with the same issues over and over? Can’t find your car keys? Can’t keep track of appointments? Never know where things are? Can’t seem to complete projects? I work with individuals to set up simple solutions that make life easier.

Residential Services

Daily life can be hard to keep up with. It seems we are all busy and when a change occurs it can be even harder to keep on top of life. Do you ever feel overwhelmed, guilty, frazzled, or unproductive when you walk into a room? No matter what the reason, I can help you restore order and calm to your home.

Business Services

Having a well-run business isn’t just nice; it increases your bottom line. Can you really afford to be unproductive for one more day? Your business can be its best by using Professional Organizing techniques along with Expert Business Strategies. Get an edge on your disorganized competition! Have time and energy to focus on what really matters to you and your business.

Document Writing

Most businesses I talk to understand the benefits of having good documentation. Actually producing it is often difficult though, whether due to lack of skills, time, or motivation. I’ve been told writing sessions with me are pretty painless and people are thrilled to have that document in hand at the end!


From Happy Clients!

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