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“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” Paul J. Meyer

Business Office
You think you are fairly productive, but things seem to be getting away from you lately. Where does the time go? You aren’t really sure if your daily activities are are the right ones anymore. Business is growing and getting busier. There are more things to handle and less time it seems.

Home Office
You run a business from your home or handle a lot of the work there. Perhaps you share an office with the family and it seems there is not enough room. The closet is full of crafts, games, and office supplies. The file cabinet is behind the door. The shelves are full of old college books, current business books, self help books and photo albums.

  • Separating home and office work
  • Making a space for your work
  • Storage and file solutions that work for you

A Full Inbox
You seem to spend a lot of time reading email and trying to figure out which ones are actually important. Sometimes you end up spending hours on ‘just’ email. Before you know it, the morning is gone, and you are not sure what you really accomplished. You become frustrated trying to find the email you are looking for. What if it is in the junk folder? Email is taking up more and more of your time, especially as you become involved in more projects and activities.

Paper Paper Paper
Paper enters your business (and home) everyday! It is one of the most invasive and difficult things to control. You seem to see papers everywhere you look. The mail pile never gets smaller. You feel overwhelmed by your desk and office area. It takes you a while to find papers or you avoid looking for them. The ʻthings to fileʼ pile is growing because the file cabinet is full.

Running Your Home
You used to be pretty organized. But life has changed. You try to keep on top of running the household but you are doing it from the kitchen counter. The to do list and piles are taking over, the kidʼs school paper and homework are scattered, the calendar is inaccessable, the doctorʼs appointments, kidsʼ activities, etc. are written on scraps of paper. You feel unproductive and overwhelmed by all the ʻlittle thingsʼ you need to take care of. Managing the busy lives of a household can be a full time job!

  • Making a space for running the household
  • How to handle all the paper
  • Setting up systems that work

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Research shows that:

  • The average executive wastes 150 hours each year looking for lost or misplaced documents (Office World News, 2003)
  • The average desk worker has 36 hours of work on his or her desk and spends 3 hours per week sorting piles trying to find the project to work on next (“The Overload    Syndrome” by Richard Swenson)
  • The average U.S. executive wastes six weeks annually searching for missing information lost in clutter (The Wall Street Journal)