About Chris

Business Productivity ConsultantI am passionate about helping people and businesses be their best. For the past 8 years I have enjoyed running my own business as a Business Productivity Consultant and Professional Organizer. I am truly a process person. Whether it is figuring out a business process or understanding how something works, that is what I do!  I believe we can change the world by understanding how things and people work together.

Years of experience spent organizing processes, and systems, and spaces has left me well-equipped to listen and understand client’s needs, preferences, and requirements, and to put those thoughts and plans into action. I have experience understanding and writing many kinds of documentation, including policies and procedures, understanding regulatory requirements, management culture, as well as the laboratory environment. I am fluent in work environments, documentation, and workflow needs.

Ongoing conference attendance and individual training keep me up on the latest techniques. I am good at figuring out what will make someone their most productive.

I have been organizing things my whole life, starting with a love of containers from a young age. A Biologist at heart (and a B.S. in Biology), I believe your surroundings and environment can help you feel and do your best. 

I am a past President of the National Association of Professionals Organizers, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NAPO-SFBA), one of the largest NAPO chapters in the world.